Happy Labor Day

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I have been working 100% exclusive with subs and slaves in private via cam and in person. My newest toy Chrissy the Sissy is my latest FUN project! Chrissy is also a blackmail slave and has made all her payments like a good little bitch! I have given her all kinds of fun *firsts* and I am having a blast exploiting her and training her sorry ass to be a perfect Betty Bitch!! I have a great collection of photos of Chrissy and she is behaving so no need to show them here 🙂

I LOVE all my birthday gifts I got!! wow you all know exaclty what I want!! I enjoy all of you who send me gift cards on a regular basis…I have the best Betty boys ever!! Sorry I have not been available for phone sessions…..pre-paid private subs/slaves ALWAYS get my services first!!

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