Marching into April

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Hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve! Thank you to those who sent me nice gifts for Christmas and New Years!! Much appreciated!

If you sent emails today (Jan 5th) you need to resend them. My Iphone has *eaten* five emails and wont give them back! Looking forward to training you great Betty Boys this year!!



Hello to my Betty Boys! March is always a slamming busy time for me. Being half Irish always takes me to the beautiful country of Ireland and enjoying the festivities of St. Patricks Day! I am THRILLED so many of my boys that have been gone are all starting to pop back up. Nothing thrills me more then reconnecting with old subs/slaves.

One of my very favorite subs Carl is back in full force. Carl is a HUGE loser who gets under my spell VERY EASY. He loves watching me on cam as I order him to send me money and then go on SUPER expensive shopping sprees! Carl has the best taste in wishlist presents!! Thank you for the beautiful bra and pantie sets, movies and CASH. You will always be under my thumb and I think you already know that!!

It is great to see Jack back in action. Jack is a sissy bitch who has tossed all his things, dissapeared, and now is back! Jack spends lots of time with me and loves as I thrash him and beat him down to the point of no return! Looking forward to seeing what you bought Jack!

I am happy to see technology is so advanced that you can watch me on your cell phones and Ipads! I LOVE when you call me from work! yes I know you cannot talk… no problem… you can type as I thrash you via Iphone/Droid/Blackberry LOL Great stuff!!

I hate to have to even mention this but some of you think by spending a small amount of money that you get unlimited time with me. Unless you are one of my high rollers DO NOT BOTHER ME or I will block you. I dont give a fuck about your shitty financial situation. I am NOT going to give you a price break because you are poor/have a shitty job ect. Guess what? SAVE UP, skip the overpriced coffee bars and fast food, save up for a Betty session which will be way better then ANYTHING ELSE that you could possibly spend your money on!!

I have been getting asked more then usual about doing live sessions. YES I do them, NO I do not meet up with the general public. What does that mean for you? Well if you are himming and hawing about prices then your best bet is to start saving. Nothing in life that is worth anything is free or cheap. Do not try to justify that you should get a price break when doing a cam session because you are paying me directly. Nothing makes me put you on the loser list then having to listen to anything like this! My work schedule has not changed. I am here almost everyday BUT Tuesdays. I work during the daytime only. If you want an evening session you need to pre-pay. That way when you decide to not show up, my time is paid for. If you DO NOT see me logged in to the various places I do business and it is a regular workday for me THAT MEANS I AM DOING A PRIVATE SESSION AND WILL LOG BACK IN WHEN I AM FINISHED WITH MY CLIENT. I DO NOT talk to multiple people and I will NEVER answer any instant messages if I am in a paid session with a client. I give 100% attention to whoever is on the phone/cam with me. Be glad I do business like this!! For those who are new to me, I have a HUGE wardrobe full of costumes/shoes/boots ect. Special requests can be accomadated WHILE YOU ARE ON THE PHONE WITH ME. I will not change into a special outfit unless you are already in a session or you have already sent a tribute for my time changing into the outfit.

Sorry to the vanilla guys who keep pestering me to do a naked sex show. I DONT do anything along those lines. I am here for BDSM/Fetish/Sub and service orientated males ONLY. I cannot be talked into doing ANYTHING ELSE. I know I am very good at what I do and I enjoy Roleplay/Humiliation/Foot/shoe/leg worship/CBT/CFNM/Pay Pigs/Forced Intoxication/Bondage/Strapon/Sissy boy training/Cross Dressers/Most Fetishes and all aspects of BDSM. YES new slaves looking to be a Betty Boy please feel free to get your feet wet! Be up front and honest about your skill level, also and this is for everyone, be prepared TO TALK. I do not hold two sided conversations and if you plan on sitting and saying *yes and no* you need to find a robot to speak with. I enjoy learning about you and helping you train out your fantasies!!

Thanks for all the Pattys Day presents I got from you all!! The Easter gifts are starting to roll in!! I have the best clients in the world…. what are you waiting for?? Come be a Betty Boy!

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