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Hello to all my good subbies and slaves! I am here to pop on real quick and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you boys for the wonderful gifts I have received!! Here I am with the movies that my dumb pathetic loser bought for me last week!! I love to tease and taunt this stupid idiot on cam while he shops away for me on my wishlist HAHAHAHA keep shopping you idiot!!

Tomorrow is BETTY BLACK FRIDAY………………………..I will be here working while your idiot wives and girlfriends are out in their so fashionable sweat pants and crocs with the rest of the nobs fighting for that $2.00 discount LMAO Get away from all the pain in the ass family and get some Betty time!!!! This is a super busy day for me so get me while I am available!! I will also be here Saturday and Sunday!!!

Hello Betty boys!
Are you all done with your Christmas shopping? I am! I want to thank a few of you for the wonderful presents you have sent me in the last week!! THANK YOU DAVID for the KILLER Davide Pliner Italian shoes!! Here I am below wearing them for you to see!!! I have not heard from you in awhile and it was a pleasant surprise to have the UPS guy bring these to the door!

Thank you Loser boy *C* for the beautiful dress!! I am wearing it below so you can drool over it while you spend MORE on me!! I love robbing you blind and putting you in a trance while you shop for more and more things for me! I look forward to the day when we can go shopping FOR REAL FACE TO FACE!

I have had a ton of new callers come my way. Andy from San Francisco got his ass handed to him the other day LMAO how did those rice balls feel? Did you have fun pulling me and my friends around in your little cart? HAHAHA your such a dork and you have the best manners! hope to thrash you again real soon!

So I was in Best Buy the other day looking at all the knobs that would rather play Xbox and send texts on their stupid phones, then deal face to face with people. Can you say L O S E R?? Anyways I was shopping for some movies and this idiot walks up to me and says *excuse me but will you tell me what perfume you have on? It smells so good* I said *yes it is called Creep be gone* he turned purple and slunk away, and I about died laughing.

I have loaded up my Amazon wishlist with all kinds of goodies for your Christmas buying pleasure!! If you hate shopping then you can send me a giftcard and that will work just as good! all giftcards should be sent to as always, because I AM REAL AND NOT A FAKE PHOTO, I will pose and take photos for you (like I did below) or I can make you a video clip with me in the item and say anything you like!!

Here is the link to my list! happy shopping boys! I will be on my usual schedule of early morning till 4pm EST daily 🙂 need a special time? email me!

Happy Thanksgiving and latest news!

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I offer distance training via Webcam on Yahoo or Skype. I also do phone training and instant message training. You can also call me via the Niteflirt platform. All sessions are private and I do not do *group* shows. If you are looking for a hooker with a whip then keep clicking. I have a large costume and fetish wardrobe. I have a huge boot/hi heel/stockings collection. Look through my photos and see the different sides of me!

You can schedule a session by sending me a email at

A bit about me……
Height 5’7
Weight 135 lbs
Chest 40DD
Waist 28
Shoe 8.5
Legs They go on forever………
Clothing size 6
Orientation Straight
Personality Type *A* not a submissive bone in my body!
Likes: Men who know their place in my world.
Dislikes: Alpha males, pathetic wannabe assholes who claim they are submissive but do not have a clue, Cheap/broke idiots, Liars, creeps looking for dates.

I have been in the fetish world for the last 16 years. I train privately one on one via the Niteflirt platform and I also offer up Cam sessions. I am 100% REAL. I will go on cam to train with you but I do not do sex shows or fuck myself with toys. I will have something sexy on, and if you have a special request you can email it to me BEFORE your session starts. I do not sit around all day in full leather body suits (get a clue you idiots!) My callers call me intelligent, sophisticated and highly addictive!

I enjoy many aspects of BDSM and here are a few of my favorites:

Humiliation – Humiliating submissive men including name calling, verbal venom lashing, small penis humiliation, humiliating assignments and anything else you want me to tease you about.

Blackmail – I love the power and control and I do real blackmail and have sooo much fun! If you just have questions you can call me on my blackmail line and I will gladly answer them. I also have a blackmail application for you to fill out and let your gloom and doom begin!

Financial Domination – Men were put here to work and contribute to my high end, jet setting, shopping and traveling life style. I am a very spoiled woman and its your honor to pay up and keep me happy. I LOVE going to Western Union and coming back with all the money you just sent to me and showing it to you on cam!!! I also love getting all the online gift cards and showing you them as you spiral deeper and deeper out of control! Only real money pigs need apply. I am NOT interested in talking to those of you who want all the action but no spending on your part…. KEEP MOVING JACKASS!!!

Forced Intoxication – I love drunk asses! Get your favorite drink and we can get down and have you do some stupid shit for me while I laugh my ass off! you are very boring when you are sober, so tip back the bottle and lets get you into lushaholic mode! Drunk and spending money is my favorite kind of slave!

Forced Bi – You know you want a long hard shlong but you have been holding out all these years. Feel free to dig deep and get your toys you have hidden and lets do some forced cocksucking and ass fucking like you have ALWAYS wanted.

Pimping your ass out~ This is one of my favorites… who knows where we will end up! I think you look like the truck stop type, or the sleazy smoke filled downtown gloryhole.

Ass Worship~ Yep I have the perfect ass! and because I have ONE ass instead of two like your wife or girlfriend you should be down on your knees ready to lick it and kiss it and praise it!!!

Sissy Whore~ So you want to be a sissy whore? Dig out your sissy gear and lets get dressed up and whored out for the night! Need makeup tips? clothing tips? I got you covered!

Cock and ball torture~ I LOVE this topic! I can go from mild to wild. Know your limits before you call me. Have your items ready and tell me what you have and I promise you pain like you never had it before!

I also enjoy foot worship, Bondage, Roleplay, bizarre fetishes, creepy confessions, Spankings and all aspects of BDSM. I will not laugh at you or make fun of you because of your request. Feel free to call me and tell me your wildest fantasy without being judged.

I DO NOT respond to long winded emails. I get 100’s of emails a day. Want to get my attention? send a TRIBUTE along with your email, or else get it ignored! I DO NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING FOR FREE. If you figure out how to treat me then I will treat you even better. My guys who tribute me and buy me gift cards get lots of special treatment. If you cannot figure out how to treat me then expect the same from me.



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Hello Betty boys! I have been booked heavily for private shows and that is the reason that I have not been available to take your calls or text sessions. I first off want to touch on a few subjects. You have to marvel at the latest and greatest technology!! I had a very hot office guy contact me from the bathroom at work VIA HIS IPAD!!!! the picture quality was incredible!! Think of all the possible things you can do and go with these things!!! how easy it was to set up and jerk off for me in the bathroom stall!! VERY HOT SHOW JOHN!! AND YOU CAME BACK AGAIN!!! Twice in one day, IPAD you are awesome!!

Matt is now the proud owner of a beautiful pair of my panties….I actually included a bonus pair so he now owns two!! I had fun getting them *ready* and packaging them up knowing you are standing by the mailbox waiting for them to arrive!! Thanks again for being such a awesome Betty boy!!

Chef~ WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PACKAGE………Remember our talk we had?? Im still waiting…but not for long!!! hahahahahaha

I have had two really fucking creepy losers contact me in one day and decided it would be just as great to go ahead and share their yahoo ids for all my devoted Betty boys who like to give a piece of shit a little taste of his own medicine. The first piece of shit is Kevin and his Yahoo ID is Volleypc2000 he tells one lie after another and thought he was a slick asshole. The trouble is douche bag is I am smart and I dont fall for your stupid tricks. This shit stain tried REALLY HARD to be a rip off artist….only to fail miserably and get banned from anything to do with me FOREVER!!! Soo boys if you are bored hit this asshole up and have some fun with him!! He is fat, broke, bald and cannot find his penis!! LMFAO

The other nasty shit worm is Larry Kennedy and his Yahoo id is Goskins4241…. poor wittle warry had three entire minutes on his account and didnt think he would be dealing with a Mistress who actually knew what his game was about. Larry has no money and got mad when his three little minutes ran out on the phone. Rule number one… when you have a session with me, you should make sure you have AMPLE TIME in your account to have more then a three minute conversation with me. Your stories of having no money blah blah blah DO NOT INTEREST ME AT ALL…. This donkey nut licker came back three hours later like everything was cool and ATTEMPTED TO PANHANDLE ON INSTANT MESSENGER. What a creepy piece of shit!! I do not DO ANYTHING FOR FREE ASSHOLE!! What part of that do you not understand?? Larry is in love with his mother and wants to be fucked up the ass by ANY OLD FAG…..Larry is lookin for love!! You can contact this fudgepacker via yahoo messanger goskins4241 tell them I said hi!! LOLOLOL

Ok I will be available my normal schedule which is daytimes EST starting 11/20/11 till December 4th…. IF you need a special time, email me and send a tribute to hold your booking. On December 4th I will be getting in a plane and sitting in first class aboard British Airways going to LONDON, ENGLAND for 8 days!!! A few of my British Betty Boys have all booked trips, so I said well I might as well visit all of them in one swoop!! I am excited to go shopping all over London, see all the shows and the sites and go watch a Rugby game at Wembley stadium!!! Catch me before I take off for my big trip!!

I WILL be here a LOT next week. I always get a ton of cam shows done during the Thanksgiving holiday because many of you are FUCKED and have all your boring ass relatives invade your space and it makes you want to flip the fuck out!! Soooo I understand if you have to whisper or cannot talk at all!! I look forward to getting to talk to as many of you as I can from Sunday till December 4th!! Oh and THANKS BOYS FOR GETTING ME THOSE EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!! Anyone that buys me ANY GIFTS WILL GET PHOTOS OF ME IN THE ITEM OR HOLDING THE ITEM ECT. If you would rather have a video of me with the item let me know!!! have a great Thanksgiving!!!