Merry Christmas!!

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Hope you boys had a great holiday!! I am now focused on Thanksgiving and my trip to Cancun in December!! Thanks dirt eater for PAYING FOR IT ALL!! Christmas is right around the corner and it is a great time to start being a great santa for me!!! You can easily send me a gift card or a gift off my wishlist!! WHATEVER YOU BUY I WILL TAKE PHOTOS IN THE ITEM OR MAKE YOU A PERSONALIZED TINY VIDEO CLIP!! I had a kick ass Halloween weekend and I couldnt of asked for better slaves and subs to bow down and complete my every wish!! I have hardly been around for cam or phone or texting sessions….thats because I am super busy with live sessions and they go right to the head of the line since my clients are paying dearly to see me LIVE. I expect to be on Cam and available for some sessions starting late next week. YOU CAN ALWAYS EMAIL ME TO SET UP A SESSION ON SKYP/YAHOO VIDEO CHAT. Here I am in my saucy Bat Girl costume that PIGGYBOY bought me!! hahaha! Got to run… there are packages on my front door…. I wonder WHO they are from!!!!

I had a kick ass day today! I have just returned from a wonderful vacation and piled up inside my front door was a STACK of Christmas Presents!! I want to thank EVERYONE that sent something!! If you have not shopped for me yet, order you still have time to do it! Dont want to bother shopping? send me a gift card!! All my wishlist and favorite stores are UP AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE!! I will be around starting at 9:30 am ALL DAY tomorrow (Sunday Dec 12th) and will be here for the most part for the next 12 days straight! If you WANT a special time, try
send me a email with a tribute to hold your spot. I DO NOT work in the evenings! I WILL accept a evening appointments from my VIPS… if you have to ask yourself if you are a VIP then you DO NOT fit in that catagory!!

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. I love getting surprises from all you Betty Boys!! NOTHING goes unappreciated by me!! If you buy something I will have NO PROBLEM being photographed in the item OR making you a private video with me wearing it or holding it. This year you boys have really been VERY generous!!! Thank you for everything that has arrived!!!

Jim~ Gift card from Barnes and Noble
Tony~ Gift card from Fandango
Bennie~ Tons of old school candy!!! loved it!
Kevin~ Two Prada Bags
Secret Man~ MAC Makeup, view
Spa Gift Cards, Salon Gift Cards
Seth~ Yankee Candles
*NN*~ TONS of DVDS!!!

Spencer~ OPI, Theatre tickets, Football tickets, Shoes and a Tiffany bracelet.

I have a small pile of gifts from three Betty Boys that want to stay private that lives overseas…. I LOVE the clothes/chocolate/books/perfume and shoes!!

Now….for the BIGGEST SHOPPER OF THEM ALL…. you have spoiled me from the first time that I met you. You are truly my number one PIG! You have never lied and you ALWAYS buy a pile of gifts and send me money…. you just cannot help staring at me and my nice round tits! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new lingerie, shoes, dresses, Yankee Candle and movies you bought me!!! I cannot wait till we finally get to go shopping in person!!! Everything I said I would do WILL HAPPEN!!! You will have the time of your life!!! You spoil me and make me smile! I will always be your GREEDY *PM* It is a true honor to have such a wonderful loser in my ranks! You have outdone EVERYONE!!!! I made the following slide show for you with ALL the things that came in the boxes you sent last week. I wore the Pink and Black lingerie today with the pink and black shoes…. THEY WERE A HUGE HIT!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is our usual meeting day and I will have a similiar outfit that you bought me ON ready for you to drool over!

Thank you Click and Pay Carl….. I love raping your wallet and laughing in your face while doing it!!!

Here is my FAVORITE Christmas song in the world!!! Eartha Kitt was fantastic!! I am obsessed with the 1950s I guess thats why I love it! 🙂

I hate to even bring this up but I am going to have to say it…. DONT EVER try and mess with me. I had a LOSER last week steal someones credit card and check book and pretend it was his. He tried to pay via Paypal and the bank contacted me telling me he was a FRAUD. He also tried to send a ECheck through Paypal and is now facing criminal charges. I DO NOT PLAY AROUND WITH FRAUD ASSHOLE!!! this is the reason I am so picky and the reason I DO NOT DO instant sessions UNTIL YOUR FUNDS HAVE CLEARED. The only people I do that with are my VIPS. The ones that ALWAYS PAY and NEVER fuck around!! I am going to share his info he gave to PayPal so everyone can send him some fan mail……….


He hides on Yahoo under Jose Ribeiro….. he did shows with me on one of my cam sites and he showed his face….ugly nasty pasty LOSER…… feel free to send this fuckstain hatemail or sign him up on gay porn sites. He tried to rip me off and also stole someones credit card and checkbook. I have also informed the cam platform about his illegal actions and they have blacklisted him. How pathetic can you be??? I am so glad I am not a trusting person…. he got NOTHING FOR FREE!!! LOSER LOSER LOSER LOSER LOSER!!

Ok back to Bettyland!! I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday, and I hope to speak with lots of you over the next few days!!