Happy St. Patricks Day

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This is always one of my favorite holidays. Many of you have seen my Shamrock tattoo on my back and know that I am half Irish. Ireland is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life and I am lucky enough to have traveled to the Emerald Isle 7 times. The Irish people simply are the best hosts in the world. I have traveled to all corners of the globe and this is THE best spot to travel. I always stay in Dublin and take day trips to the different counties and towns. I love to go to Doolin, dermatologist Galway, Cork and The Aran Islands. The nightlife in Dublin is specatacular and my favorite place to be is Temple Bar. Fitzgeralds pub is a fantastic place to start the night with a pint of Bulmers Cider. If you crave Guiness you will love the fact that it is being made fresh daily one mile up the street. Many of the pubs feature live Irish music and the famous Irish Dancers. I was lucky enough to see Riverdance and it was spectacular. I will be taking calls all day today and will be dressed in my Sexy Shamrock costume that my favorite loser bought me (complete with a green sparkled shamrock riding crop) so stop by and see me on Cam!!!

I want to thank my favorite loser for buying me three super hot dresses. I have been wearing them on Cam and they are a big hit! I know how much you love spending all your money on me and paying my bills Loser! Loser pays all my phone bills every month and then goes shopping on my wishlist as I tease him with my big boobs on Cam till he cant stand it LOL

Thank you Crisco kid for the nice gift certificate last week. I really appreciate your kindness and feeding my shopping habit!

Slut Jack called last week and I thought I was going to die laughing. I have written about Jack and his dick diaper LOL Jack goes on cam and loves to watch me on cam while I make him do really embarressing things. This last session Jack had on panties. bra and brought along a dick dress for his pathetic small pricklet. Jack is my favorite person to laugh at right now. He always performs 100% and we do the funnest things ever!! The best is when we call his friend on the phone and leave voice messages for her. I get on the phone and laugh and describe what we are doing and what Jacky boy has on. This last time I had Jack break out the tape measure and we took complete measurements including his pathetic raisen ball sack. I notice Jack’s stupid stick bobs up and down when I start laying on the humiliation hard and thick.

Thanks to those of you who have emailed/called me to book a live session. Because I am REAL I REALLY do live sessions. I am on time, Proffesional and well equipped. I DO NOT session with the general riff raff public. If you feel you can meet my high standards and would like to book a session, you can email me at missbadbetty@yahoo.com I hate to even have to say this but DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. Serious enquiries ONLY!!! I do NOT have time for back and forth bullshit emails. Do not send me four worded emails as they will get DELETED. I cannot believe how many liars and fake so called *Subs* bother me on a daily basis. NO I DO NOT DO FREE SESSIONS. Some of you have asked if I will travel to you. YES but you will have to pay all my travel expenses. This is NOT about you! Do not write me your idiotic emails TELLING ME to do this or do that!! I will block you in a heartbeat!! Many of you have found me on some of the BDSM sites….. I have to say most of the sites are turning out to be a junkyard for losers and freebie seekers. I love these assholes who have the balls to demand what they want and then top it off by saying *I wont pay a dime* LMAO this one old UGLY asshole from New York on Collarme sent me this *you are so beautiful, I want to worship you* email (I get them every five minutes) then when I told him I do PAID work ONLY he turned into Mr. Jackass. Guess what? You get blocked and ignored FOREVER! I have started a list of total fakes/liars/losers from these sites, if any Domme would like to compare notes or needs warnings about these fake fuckers, feel free to email me. I have already networked with over 100 Dommes to get the word out about timewasting scumbags. It is hard to believe so many creeps are out there looking for freebies. It is my real guys who make it all worth it in the end 🙂
Anyways I am glad to meet many new subs from some of the big directories that I have just joined. You guys ROCK!! and are REAL!!! Want to book a live session? email me for more details. I will be here for the rest of the week and over the weekend. I work on several different services so if you do not see me signed on, try sending me a yahoo message (CHECK MY STATUS TO SEE IF I AM BUSY) or a quick Skype message. I DO NOT SIT in front of the computer all day. This is also NOT a place for you to pop on every fucking morning thinking I want to chit chat with you for free. This is a business NOT a fucking dating site. The faster you learn my rules the better. I am NOT looking for a husband/boyfriend or live in. Learn how to be a Betty Boy and you will have the time of your life!!